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Starveinge in the Belly of the Whale

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this starveinge Tyme of Anglo America

After receiving a royal charter in 1606, the Virginia Company sent 144 men to Chesapeake.  Jamestown settlers were intent on realizing a profit at almost any expense.  Of the 105 survivors of the initial immigration, only 38 were found alive by 1608.  Some historical accounts indicate evidence of cannibalism.  “Between 1607 and 1622 the Virginia Company transported some 10,000 people to the colony, but only 20 percent were still alive there in 1622” (Taylor, 2001, p. 130).  The settlement in Plymouth began in earnest in 1620.  Originally under the same charter, the Plymouth colony actually landed north of the Virginia territory and established initial authority under the Mayflower Compact (in contrast to the royal charter authorizing Jamestown).  The New England territory was dominated by religious separatists – some of whom were pilgrims.  Despite arriving a decade after the first Jamestown settlers, New England also underwent a starving time through the first winter.  A full half of the original colonists perished.  The difference of migrating families, a focus on establishing farming areas, and the similarities in climate for English crops permitted a very different experience in the northern territories.

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