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Horror Movies, and How

This week is an abbreviated show due to a late start, and after a little football talk we get into a long list of horror movies.
We are still reading Lauren BeukesThe Shining Girls.

FyH047 – Horror Movies, and How

The song of the show is Strawberries 1 + 2 by Thee Oh Sees, they’re newest album Floating Coffin is brilliant. Here’s some of their very cool videos-

Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster
Lupine Dominus

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Fall Movie Preview, Sorta

Our usual movie discussion goes on a bit longer than normal, even though we don’t discuss the movie we were planning on talking about- Journey to Planet X (expect that discussion next week). “Gravity” gets good reviews and “Revenge of the Nerds” is up somewhere on someone’s list of best comedies. Dan still feels like runnning. I’m trying my damnedest to get onto the elite Obama death panel, and Scott risks life and limb by entering a vehicle under the command of a teenager.

Next week’s movie is still “Journey to Planet X

We’re reading (or at least I am): The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes
book image
and the song of the show is by Vacation Club titled “Daydream”

FyH046 – Fall Movie Preview, Sorta

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Top 3 Places to Filibuster Prostitution

FyH022 Top 3 Places to Filibuster Prostitution

This week we rock through current happenings in our nations capitol, we rattle off movies, directors and actors with very little regard for cohesion or comprehension, then we review the documentary Whores’ Glory and finally, we wrap up our discussion of Max Brooks‘ novel World War Z?

the song of the show: Fumaca Preta’s “Vou Me Libertar” on Music With Soul Records

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Zombie Discrimination: Infectious Disease vs. Demonic Posession


FyH021 Zombie Discrimination: Infectious Disease vs. Demonic Posession

This week we’re talking movies, Martin Luther King Jr. and which is more valid: diseased zombies or mystical zombification.

Find the movie we reviewed Martin Luther King Jr. Man of Peace in a Time of War ———-> here

We listen to the 2011 release The Pretty Blue Guns song “The Ride” find their fb page ———> here

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For Your Consideration: Zombies, Slightly Used $20 obo

FyH020 For Your Consideration

It is award season and we add our own opinions on what other people’s opinions ought to be. Also, we review Craigslist Joe and start talking a bit about the book, World War Z

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Disneyland: Uncensored, yet Sanitized

FyH019 Disneyland: Uncensored, yet Sanitized

We check in on how 2013 is treating us so far and we talk a bit about the movie Cleanflix

Drunk Mums bandcamp and fb

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Hello 2013!

FyH018 Hello 2013!

The Year is New once again, the winter nights are on the retreat and the days are melting away. We’ll be talking about our vacation time and some reviews of South Park, Disneyland, Django Unchained, and marathons.

Slug Guts can be found here

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Apocalypse 0 – Big Money 1; Same As It Ever Was

FyH017 Apocalypse 0 – Corporations 1; Same As It Ever Was

We continue our discussion on the tragedy in Newton, furthering our biased opinions on gun control and the need for more developed care(?) for the mentally ill. We also discuss the movie This Film Is Not Yet Rated and choose Hot Lunch‘s new single “Killer Smile” as the song of the show.

Oh yeah, Happy Festivities in whichever form you choose to perform.

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Following a Hobbit Down a Hole

FyH016 Following a Hobbit Down a Hole~82 minutes

The Hobbit has begun and we offer our slightly biased critique of Peter Jackson’s effort to bring Middle Earth to life. The song of the week is the title track from the recently released album “More for the Masses” by The People’s Temple. (their fb page) and their label Hozac

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Hobbit, Hobbit, Who Gots the Hobbit?


Hobbit, Hobbit, Who Gots the Hobbit? ~69 minutes

2012 is winding down and we’re just warming up. We talk some Hobbit and some other stuff.


Parquet Courts – Careers in Combat
Tyvek – Wayne County Roads
Spiritualized – Hey Jane (watch the video here)
Beach Fossils – Careless
Heavy Times – I’m Single

Just to say a thing or two about the Spiritualized video, it’s a short film, a snippet, a slice of life, I found it compelling in the story-telling sense, a genre for the 21st century. -bigAl

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Permadeath. . . Can I Get Me Some of That?

Permadeath. . . Can I Get Me Some of That? ~87 minutes

This week we ramble on for a bit longer than normal. We start in on video games and briefly touch on permadeath, where you only get one life- no saves, no continues. Then we wrap things up with the song of the week “Machine Gun Girl” by Baby in Vain; check out there soundcloud here.

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Musical Interlood

A bit different this week, we take a bit of a break to recover from turkeyfest ’12 and play some music for you, hope you enjoy:

the songs:

The Peach Kings – Thieves & Kings
Terry Malts – Tumble Down
Divine Fits – Would That Not Be Nice
The Orwells – Ancient Egypt
Titus Andronicus – Ecce Homo

FyH013 Musical Interlood ~23 minutes

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A Chicken Stuffed in a Duck Stuffed in a Turkey Stuffed in a Hobbit

FyH012 A Chicken Stuffed in a Duck Stuffed in a Turkey Stuffed in a Hobbit

We’re a couple days late, gearing up for the turkey feast that is Thanksgiving and wandering through the conflict in the Middle East.

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The Next Election: Lincoln vs. Bilbo

FyH011 The Next Election: Lincoln vs. Bilbo ~75 minutes

Obama won the election, Colorado and Washington legalized it, and lots of angry white men are still angry. We review the movie “Drive” and pick Dirty Projectors‘ “About to Die” as the song of the week.

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Privatizing Politics: Proselytizing Prostitutes

FyH010 Privatizing Politics: Proselytizing Prostitutes ~ 70 minutes

MORE ELECTION COVERAGE! GET YOUR ELECTION COVERAGE RIGHT HERE! Don’t worry folks it’s almost over and the release of all that pent up politics will probably leave many people wondering how they got here, some will sob uncontrollably and others will just light up and slowly drift off to sleep.

Also, we talk about the documentary “God Grew Tired of Us

And the song of the week is “Jeff’s Song” by Vagina Panther off their album Judge