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FyH047 – Horror Movies, and How

FyH046 – Fall Movie Preview, Sorta

FyH045 – No Really, We’re Back to Podcasting

FyH044 – Back to Podcasting

FyH043 – On a Summer Schedule

FyH042 – More Summertime Shenanigans

FyH041 – Who’s Your Daddy?

FyH040 – 3 CA Boys Talk Shit About TX and FL

FyH039 – Run Like Hell

FyH038 – Game of Summer Movies We Won’t See

FyH037 – Who’s Next?

FyH036 Is It Summer Where You Are?

FyH035 – More of What We Long For

FyH033 – Out Like a Lamb

FyH032 – I Don’t Know

FyH031 – Bullies Suck

FyH030 – A Couple of April Fools

FyH029 – Art vs. Artist

FyH028 – The Student Becomes The Master

FyH027 – Running On Empty

FyH026 – The Oscars. . . meh

FyH025 – Oscars, Geezers, and the Old Timey Affair

FyH024 – President’s Day

FyH023 – Violence Monopoly in the USA

FyH022 – Top 3 Places to Filibuster Prostitution

FyH021 – Zombie Discrimination: Infectious Disease vs. Demonic Posession

FyH020 – For Your Consideration

FyH019 – Disneyland: Uncensored, yet Sanitized

FyH018 – Hello 2013!

FyH017 – Apocalypse 0 – Corporations 1; Same As It Ever Was

FyH016 – Following a Hobbit Down a Hole

FyH015 – Hobbit, Hobbit, Who Gots the Hobbit?

FyH 014 – Permadeath. . . Can I Get Me Some of That?

FyH013 – Musical Interlood

FyH012 – A Chicken Stuffed in a Duck Stuffed in a Turkey Stuffed in a Hobbit

FyH011 – The Next Election: Lincoln vs. Bilbo

FyH010 – Privatizing Politics: Proselytizing Prostitutes

FyH009 – Giants, Zomneys and Muppets. . . oh My!

FyH008 – October Surprise?

FyH007 – Debating: The BullCrap Brawl

FyH006 – Top Ten Reasons Not To Do a Top Ten List

FyH005 – No News Is Good News

FyH004 – When We Will Know What We Know Not Now

FyH 003 – Is it Safe?

FyH002 – 9-11 Remembered

FyH001 – A Computer in Every Home

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