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Game of Summer Movies We Won’t See

summer blockbuster

this week we talk a bit about Game of Thrones, wish some birthday wishes, and talk about summer movies. We do get into a bit of a discussion about PRISM and privacy, maybe we’ll continue that next week.

song of the show: Kylesa “Exhale” off their new album Ultraviolet

We’re reading “Telegraph Ave” by Michael Chabon

next week we’ll discuss “The Revisionaries

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Who’s Next?

moes books

So like anyone else with a tv, we are talking about Game of Thrones, also we talk a bit about the book finally and pick a new book to get started on.

Telegraph Ave by Michael Chabon

Song of the show: Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams”

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Is It Summer Where You Are?

This week we’re rolling out the summer hits, blockbusters books and music- what’s your pleasure?


The song this show is by a friend of ours, Pascal. His band, The Visibles just released their debut album. Check them out here: The Visibles

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More of What We Long For

FyH035 – More of What We Long For

Sorry bout the delay, it’s May time.

Song of the show: A Giant Dog “Teasin Ass Bitch”
Next week’s movie: “The Game”

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Out Like a Lamb

FyH033 – Out Like a Lamb

As April draws to a close we talk lightly about the happenings in and out of our lives.

We talk about the movie Ladies and Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains

Next week’s movie: Enter the Void

song of the show: Mudhoney’s “The Only Son of the Widow from Nain”

currently reading The Round House by Louise Erdrich

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I Don’t Know

FyH032 – I Don’t Know

This week we throw around the question of bombs, taxes and birthdays. . . there is no answer really.

Next week’s movie is the same as last week’s since we didn’t talk about it (since Dan and I didn’t watch it to completion)
Ladies and Gentelman, the Fabulous Stains

The current book we’re reading: The Round House by Louise Erdrich (her wiki page)

the song of the week, in honor of their Hall of Fame induction: Rush – 2112: Overture

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Bullys Suck

my bodyguard
FyH031 Bullys Suck

We get into it, discussing the documentary “Bully” and somehow turn out 90 minutes of banter. Also, we finally talk a bit about Neil Gaiman’s book “American Gods”. This week’s song is “You Don’t Turn Down” by Marnie Stern, off her new album The Chronicles of Marnia.


Marnie Stern

next week’s movie: Ladies and Gentlemen,The Fabulous Stains

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A Couple of April Fools

FyH030 A Couple of April Fools

This week we ramble on about movies, tv shows, books (not so much) and being a parent. So, same as it ever was.

Movie this week: Brian Posehn: The Fartist

Movie next week: Bully

Song of the show: Foals – My Number
(I forgot that I had already put a song off their album “Holy Fire” on the FyHeadlist part 1, oh well)

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Artist vs. Art: When No.One Wins

FyH029 Art vs. Artist

After a week off (Scott is feeling much better, thank you) we are back in the saddle, with movie reviews, talk of Prop 8 and Holy Shit Dan is getting OLD!

Our movie review: Punch-Drunk Love FyH gives it 7 Mastications
We all picked Phosphorescent‘s “Ride On Right On” as our number one song on the new Feed Your HeadList Deux (subscribe on Spotify)

Next week’s movie: Brian Posehn: The Fartist

Check this out:

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The Pupil Becomes The Master

FyH028 The Student Becomes The Master

Another week of banter and birthdays begins episode 28 then we review “The Master” and choose Deerhoof’s “We Do Parties” as our song of the week. Enjoy.

The Master

Deerhoof rules

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Running On Empty

wealth inequality
FyH027 – Running On Empty

This week we go through the usual line-up of birthdays and events, then talk some outdoor activities, and finally meltdown on how the 90% don’t understand exactly what the 1% really have.

this week’s movie: The Brother From Another Planet
this week’s song: “Death is My Lover, Life is Your Wife” by Sutja Gutierrez
Sutja Gutierrez

next week’s movie: The Master


OBNIII’s/Fuzz at Noise Pop 2013

the knockout
Thursday night at The Knockout began with a long trip down Mission, thinking about food and looking for a sweet spot to find some grub. After some seafood curry and chicken in peanut sauce up the street, we headed over to the show in time to catch G Green setting up their stuff. The Knockout is a narrow club with a long bar running up one side of it, a couple of seats and benches and a cozy stage at the end of it all. Between sets a young woman kept the groove alive spinning sweet songs one after another and 2 large video screens silently alternated between bodacious 80’s hair bands and films like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligheri.
G Green, out of Sacramento, opened the show and tore into a quick set of songs driven by a limping drummer and giant bassist with a 6-foot smile- good kids playing good music. After some frantic adjustments to their gear, Blasted Canyons laboriously made their way through a sound plagued set never seeming quite satisfied with the levels. I was looking forward to hearing them and was not disappointed despite obvious frustration from the band. I got chills during their song “Ice Cream Man” as the trio rotated among their synthesizers, guitars and drums for each song and were awarded the blue ribbon for kick-ass mustache of Noise Pop.

The room rapidly filled up as the darling child of the bay area Ty Segall took the stage with his latest incarnation Fuzz. I will include myself in the crowd of gawkers that came to catch a glimpse of this one man record label. Ty Segall has produced more good music in the past year than most young musicians dream of cuddled in their moon and stars sheets brushing their tousled hair out of their eyes. My impression- he’s locked in, powering through the set hitting the drums hard, hard, hard. Singing, screaming, driving the pace and holding his accompanying musicians, both flawless and impressive, through a short set of low end thrumming re-verb book-ended in feedback; and new songs, one with lyrics one without- look for the 7″ coming soon- hope hope.
Fuzz unloaded their gear and the spectacle was over, the well dressed half of the crowd made their way to the exits and the punk rock kids shuffled closer to the stage awaiting a real rock and roll treat of the classic punk variety- OBNIII’s. They were the coolest kids at the club, their demeanor was charged, moving slowly and precisely gearing up and then POW. Orville Bateman Neeley III is the man, the lead guitar was the reincarnation of Buddy Holly in his true to life form, I’ve always held the belief that Buddy Holly was the first punk born 50 years too soon. The bassist stared down the crowd swaggering back and forth, the rhythm guitar slammed out power chords Johnny Ramone style and the drummer was solid, the little punk rock girls swooned to his beat.

OBN III’s – “No Enemies” from Hello Optimism on Vimeo.

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The Oscars. . . meh

FyH026 The Oscars. . . meh

We rundown and runover the Oscars. . . plus our movie and song of the week.

This week’s movie What Are Dreams?
The song of the show Black Night Ultraviolet by Useless Eaters
The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food a NYT article we breifly discuss concerning the effort big food puts into making you eat what they put in front of you

next week’s movie The Brother From Another Planet

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Oscars, Geezers, and the Old Timey Affair

FyH025 Oscars, Geezers, and the Old Timey Affair

Yes we did. We chose our Oscar picks, we started the pre-game ceremony for the red carpet Hollywood glam fest that is the award show to end all award shows. Compare your scorecard with ours and you probably won’t even need to watch the 4 hour snore-fest after slogging through our 2 hour snore-fest. At least we all have another excuse to eat lots of finger food and not take the dog for a walk.

the movie review this week: The Invisible War (up for an Oscar)
the article we discuss: The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden . . . Is Screwed
the song of the show: Eat Skull – Space Academy on the album “III” released today February 19, 2013 on Woodsist Records

the movie for next week’s show: What Are Dreams?

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President’s Day: Obama, Lincoln and Kevin Spacey

FyH024 President’s Day

It’s President’s Day and we give our 2 copper pennies worth of opinion about the SOTU, the new series titled House of Cards on Netflix and we switch gears on our book choice. Instead of 2030 we pick up Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and we’ll have a go at that. Dan finally listened to the song selection this week and we come to a consensus on Wavves “Demon To Lean On”. Grab a spoon and start shovelin’

House of Cards IMDb page

Neil Gaiman American Gods