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The Pupil Becomes The Master

FyH028 The Student Becomes The Master

Another week of banter and birthdays begins episode 28 then we review “The Master” and choose Deerhoof’s “We Do Parties” as our song of the week. Enjoy.

The Master

Deerhoof rules

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9-11 Remembered

September 11th

We take a look back at the day that defined a decade, and continues to influence our lives and our way of living. What do you remember about that day?

 9-11 Remembered ~65 minutes

New Music:

“Today’s Supernatural” by Animal Collective off Today’s Supernatural
“The Descent” by Bob Mould off Silver Age
“Ruin” by Cat Power off Ruin
“Breakup Songs” by Deerhoof off Breakup Song
“Red Ballon” by Azure Ray off As Above So Below


1 -Deerhoof
2 –Animal Collective
3 -Cat Power
4 -Bob Mould
5 -Azure Ray

1 – Azure Ray
2- Bob Mould
3- Deerhoof
4- Cat Power
5- Animal Collective

1 – Cat Power
2 – Azure Ray
3 – Deerhoof
4 – Animal Collective
5 – Bob Mould

Somehow I came up with this awesome way to rate the ratings. . .
with results 1:1, 2:3, 3:6, 4:10, 5:15)
1 deerhoof (15)
2 cat power (17)
3 azure ray (19)
4 bob mould (28)
5 animal collective (28)