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When We Will Know What We Know Not Now

FyH004 When We Will Know What We Know Not Now
This week we enter the free speech zone and discover that within that realm time does not, or probably should not exist. Specifically, speech is so much more agreeable once it has been loosed from any connection with knowledge. Dan runs a boot camp obstacle course 10k, Scott is grinding out the final phase of a big project at work, and I’m hoping I get a chance to watch “The Cabin in the Woods” before RedBox forces me into a second mortgage.

New music of the week:

“Long Journey” by Allah-Las off Allah-Las (and this song is not new, but the album was released this last week)
“MSSG” by The Janitors off Head Honcho EP
“Sleeping Ute” by Grizzly Bear off Sleeping Ute
“I Came Around” by Murder By Death off Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon
“Proceed to Memory” by Pinback off Information Retrieved

Link to the article The Hipster-Literary Bro Continuum at The Literary Man