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from a fountain
FyH044 – Back to Podcasting

Can’t say that the title is any indication that the FyH crew will be more consistent, but one can always dream. This week we talk a little bit about the crisis in the Middle East. Dan and Scott talk a bit about the movie “Oldboy” and we get into it over the current book we’re reading (or that I’m finishing, they already read it) “Wool” by Hugh Howey. The song this week is from a band called “From a Fountain” which is the longtime project of a friend who lives out in west Marin. You can download his latest album for free at the link below. Also, this week’s movie is available on Netflix or you can download it over at The Pirate Bay. Happy end of August, see you in September.

From a Fountain, the album Milky Mile: here

the movie, TPB AFK: here