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Game of Summer Movies We Won’t See

summer blockbuster

this week we talk a bit about Game of Thrones, wish some birthday wishes, and talk about summer movies. We do get into a bit of a discussion about PRISM and privacy, maybe we’ll continue that next week.

song of the show: Kylesa “Exhale” off their new album Ultraviolet

We’re reading “Telegraph Ave” by Michael Chabon

next week we’ll discuss “The Revisionaries

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Who’s Next?

moes books

So like anyone else with a tv, we are talking about Game of Thrones, also we talk a bit about the book finally and pick a new book to get started on.

Telegraph Ave by Michael Chabon

Song of the show: Hall & Oates “You Make My Dreams”

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A Couple of April Fools

FyH030 A Couple of April Fools

This week we ramble on about movies, tv shows, books (not so much) and being a parent. So, same as it ever was.

Movie this week: Brian Posehn: The Fartist

Movie next week: Bully

Song of the show: Foals – My Number
(I forgot that I had already put a song off their album “Holy Fire” on the FyHeadlist part 1, oh well)