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The Perfect Search

The history of search engines is actually modestly enlightening!  It’s the seamless integration of technology we come to expect – engineers making software work the way we expected their products to work in the first place – that allows these significant advancements to go almost un-noticed… or at least uncelebrated.

From Finger, Archie, and Gopher to the relevancy-based market-driven results of today’s search engines, Aaron Wall’s Search Engine History provides a depth of knowledge into the how and why of what we find on the World Wide Web.

Larry Kim’s article, the History of Search Engines, provides a nice graphic… if your tech nostalgia hungers for imagery.

What becomes clear is that market-driven search engine software necessarily dictates the bulk of what can be rapidly found in the digital age –  Exploiting that software represents a clear market advantage, controlling distribution of that software (MS, Google, Yahoo) controls the flow and availability of information, and the struggle to pre-dominate development is a long way from settled.

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No News Is Good News

FyH005 No News Is Good News ~61 minutes

This week we wander all around the topic of “How do you get your information?” With so many avenues for media content, where does one go to find out what they want to know? It’s really easy to get lost on the mighty ocean of info, and equally as easy just to abandon it all together. Are more options better than no options? Or perhaps, is the purported claim of multiple options alleviating our natural tendency to question the validity of what we are being told? The internet offers a seemingly unlimited number of “channels” from which we can devour any number of shiny, tasty morsels of interest, but does the idea of unrestrained freedom leave us more susceptible to manipulation?

Also, we discuss the prospect of a new segment for the show: a movie/show review. Next week, we will reconvene and discuss our thoughts on Star Trek: The Original Series, Season 2/Episode 3 “The Changeling”

New in Music:

Dum Dum Girls “Mine Tonight” (our song of the show)
Thee Oh Sees “Wait Let’s Go”
Magic Shoppe “Trip Inside This House”
The Zolas “Observatory”
Graveyard “Goliath”