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Violence Monopoly in the USA

FyH023 Violence Monopoly in the USA

This week we ramble on about drone strikes, Obama’s cabinet appointments, more guns, more violent movies, more violent games and Monopoly.

The song of the show: The Intelligence “(They Found Me on the Back Of) The Galaxy” ———> soundcloud w/ free dl

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Apocalypse 0 – Big Money 1; Same As It Ever Was

FyH017 Apocalypse 0 – Corporations 1; Same As It Ever Was

We continue our discussion on the tragedy in Newton, furthering our biased opinions on gun control and the need for more developed care(?) for the mentally ill. We also discuss the movie This Film Is Not Yet Rated and choose Hot Lunch‘s new single “Killer Smile” as the song of the show.

Oh yeah, Happy Festivities in whichever form you choose to perform.