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More Summertime Shenanigans

FyH042 – More Summertime Shenanigans

This week we talk a bit about the movie Septien, we get into it about Michael Chabon’s book “Telegraph Ave” and go through the usual rigamarole. Dan picks the next book- “Wool” by Hugh Howey. Also, we will be attempting to watch “Bloody Sunday” for the next show- which probably won’t happen for a week or two since Dan is headed out into the backwoods for some backpacking, camping and bear evasion tactics.

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Who’s Your Daddy?

super dad
FyH041 – Who’s Your Daddy?

This week we do our usual back and forth about birthday bands, somewhat significant history lessons, and possible current events. We take a minute to discuss Michael Chabon’s “Telegraph Ave” (hopefully a little more discussion next week- and a new book choice). Also, the movie “Absent,” a documentary about absentee dads, takes a hit or two as we come to the consensus that it’s just not that good.

Next week’s movie: Septien
the song this week: Blood Ceremony’s “Ballad of the Weird Sisters” off their new album The Eldritch Dark

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3 CA Boys Talk Shit About TX and FL

FyH040 – 3 CA Boys Talk Shit About TX and FL

Alongside our usual playful banter we divulge our secret-est opinions on the Zimmerman acquittal and intelligent design in the classroom (there’s an ironic oxymoron in there somewhere). We talk a bit about Michael Chabon’s book “Telegraph Avenune” hopefully more on that next week. Also, the song of the show, Kathleen Hanna’s new outfit, the Julie Ruin released “Oh Come On” look for an LP soon.