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Junkfood Consumption For Your Brain

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Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood

Episode 53 

atlas beetle

Yes this is the title of an album by Mr. T Experience and here it is courtesy of Spotify

the song of the show is “Don’t” by Sudden Death of Stars

FyH053 – Bugs

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Fill in the Blanks

Episode 52

The Mallard

This week we continue the same discussion we’ve been having for the last couple of years. . .

music by The Mallard off their album Finding Meaning in Deference, the song is “Out the Door”

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Jonah Hill’s Golden Globes

Episode 51

jonah hill

It’s Oscar Football time of the year so we talk a lotta movies and drop a big sports turd in the middle of the show. Books, music what have you- have at you.

FyH051 – Jonah Hill’s Golden Globes

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The Oscars. . . meh

FyH026 The Oscars. . . meh

We rundown and runover the Oscars. . . plus our movie and song of the week.

This week’s movie What Are Dreams?
The song of the show Black Night Ultraviolet by Useless Eaters
The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food a NYT article we breifly discuss concerning the effort big food puts into making you eat what they put in front of you

next week’s movie The Brother From Another Planet

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Oscars, Geezers, and the Old Timey Affair

FyH025 Oscars, Geezers, and the Old Timey Affair

Yes we did. We chose our Oscar picks, we started the pre-game ceremony for the red carpet Hollywood glam fest that is the award show to end all award shows. Compare your scorecard with ours and you probably won’t even need to watch the 4 hour snore-fest after slogging through our 2 hour snore-fest. At least we all have another excuse to eat lots of finger food and not take the dog for a walk.

the movie review this week: The Invisible War (up for an Oscar)
the article we discuss: The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden . . . Is Screwed
the song of the show: Eat Skull – Space Academy on the album “III” released today February 19, 2013 on Woodsist Records

the movie for next week’s show: What Are Dreams?

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For Your Consideration: Zombies, Slightly Used $20 obo

FyH020 For Your Consideration

It is award season and we add our own opinions on what other people’s opinions ought to be. Also, we review Craigslist Joe and start talking a bit about the book, World War Z