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Is It Summer Where You Are?

This week we’re rolling out the summer hits, blockbusters books and music- what’s your pleasure?


The song this show is by a friend of ours, Pascal. His band, The Visibles just released their debut album. Check them out here: The Visibles

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Top 10 Reasons Not To Do a Top Ten List

FyH006 Top Ten Reasons Not To Do a Top Ten List~69 minutes

Our plan to discuss the year-end ritual of making top ten lists (why we are compelled to do so), was hijacked by our inability to wrap up previous topics and move forward with the schedule. Instead we talk about the presidential debate- our impressions, and criticisms of not just the candidates but the production and the media frenzy aftermath. After a brief collection of thoughts regarding Star Trek: The Original Series, season 2, episode 2 “The Changeling” we delve into the acclaimed AMC original series “The Walking Dead.” The show ends with a new track from Atlas Genius, titled “Symptoms” off their EP, Through the Glass.

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And all this…. “science”…. I don’t understand

James R. Kirk

The great thing about any question that could possibly be raised about Star Trek is that an army of Trek researchers exists.

  • The gravestone Mitchell creates for Kirk says “James R. Kirk”. According to D.C. Fontana in the introduction for Star Trek: The Classic Episodes 1, when the mistake was discovered, Gene Roddenberry decided that if pressed for an answer on the discrepancy, the response was to be “Gary Mitchell had godlike powers, but at base he was Human. He made a mistake.” The gravestone also suggests that an important event marked “C” took place on stardate 1277.1: Kirk may have assumed command of the Enterprise on this stardate.