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Cable Bill: A Love Story

FyH048 – Cable Bill

Here we go again with yet another long delay but another show to go. This seems to be the trend and if you’re listening we appreciate it. Honestly, I’m not sure why we keep doing it, other than it gives us a good excuse to sit and talk to each other for a couple of hours.
shining girls
some of the things we discussed/mentioned:
The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes
Ender’s Game
The Walking Dead
Breaking Bad

the song of the show:
You Can Stay But You Gotta Go by Quasi off the album Mole City

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No Really, We’re Back to Podcasting

So last month we were geared up to hit our one year anniversary and then a month went by- just like that. Sometimes that’s just how it happens, life moves on. So here we are, back again and doing our thing. This show runs the gamut. Sports, movies, tv, books, internet piracy, suicide and much much more. oakland_athletics_logo-1855
FyH045 – No Really, We’re Back to Podcasting
Next week we’ll talk about the movie Journey to Planet X
and we’ve started reading The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes
the song of this week’s show is “Forget Me” by Summer Twins

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Run Like Hell

FyH039 – Run Like Hell

After a bit of a summer break, we’re back to discussing marathons, movies and Floyd’s of the pinkish hue. Dan ran his first marathon, the Seattle Rock n’ Roll Marathon, and regales us with his experience, insights and cramps. Some movie/TV talk evolves into bookstore reminiscences and finally we talk a bit about perhaps the greatest rock and roll band of all time- Pink Floyd (oh, you don’t think so; you must be a girl).

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A Couple of April Fools

FyH030 A Couple of April Fools

This week we ramble on about movies, tv shows, books (not so much) and being a parent. So, same as it ever was.

Movie this week: Brian Posehn: The Fartist

Movie next week: Bully

Song of the show: Foals – My Number
(I forgot that I had already put a song off their album “Holy Fire” on the FyHeadlist part 1, oh well)

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Top 10 Reasons Not To Do a Top Ten List

FyH006 Top Ten Reasons Not To Do a Top Ten List~69 minutes

Our plan to discuss the year-end ritual of making top ten lists (why we are compelled to do so), was hijacked by our inability to wrap up previous topics and move forward with the schedule. Instead we talk about the presidential debate- our impressions, and criticisms of not just the candidates but the production and the media frenzy aftermath. After a brief collection of thoughts regarding Star Trek: The Original Series, season 2, episode 2 “The Changeling” we delve into the acclaimed AMC original series “The Walking Dead.” The show ends with a new track from Atlas Genius, titled “Symptoms” off their EP, Through the Glass.